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Was your Westconnex Submission Listed?

March 24, 2016

Well, that’s interesting. I put in a submission on Westconnex and it’s not listed on the published list. So I gave Dept of Planning a call on 02 9228 6351 to ask Mary Garland why.

( It’s also interesting isn’t it how DoPE made the list a PDF not a website with each name hyperlinked to their submission as is used in other NSW submission processes, even CSG mining inquiries)

“Hi Mary, it’s Isabel. I put in a submission to Westconnex but it’s not on the list you published today.”

I must admit I expected Mary to say “Computer says No”. But she didn’t. She tip tapped on her govt computer and within 10 seconds found my submission. She said though I hadn’t made it confidential the dept had listed it as Anonymous. She said she’d check why and call back.
Five minutes later she called back and said it was “human error”. The poor hard-working beavers had accidentally made it confidential. (what’s going on with all this manual processing.. has the govt got too much money??) Mary told me my submitter number was 1938. She said that the list was under review and would be updated later.
I mentioned that in all other NSW govt submission processes the submitter gets a automatic confirmation email afterwards. She sounded surprised to hear that this was even possible (technology and all that).

Today the Department of Planning finally published the volumes of submissions it received. Almost 12,900 of them. But my name isn’t on the Dept of Planning list. Most of  the 180 submissions from community organisations have been buried in “anonymous” files and lots of others too.

If you made a submission, check the list for your name now. If it’s missing, call the Department on 02 9228 6351, ask to speak to Mary Garland or Naomi Moss, and ask that your name be put on the list.

All very dodgy this process isn’t it. And isn’t it interesting also that the gas and electricity has been cut off at the house all down the south side of Campbell St even though the EIS not approved.

SMH 22 March 2016 – Sydney Residents Object to Westconnex

“Almost all of the (12900) submissions on the New M5 East were opposed to the $5 billion project….”


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